eFreight Suite for Customs Clearance

Simplifying Customs Clearance through Technology

One of the most crucial parts of logistics is clearance in customs. Our eFreight Suite for Customs clearance offers complete regulatory compliance for our clients. All the intelligence of customs regulations is integrated and is being updated regularly to incorporate the changes in government policies. This ensures our clients complete assurance and helps them to focus on managing and growing their business. A vast number of organisations which encompass the Logistics Industry rely on eFreight Suite for customs clearance.

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Key Features

Integrated with country-specific Customs software.

All types of customs EDI are available and online submission is enabled.

Finance modules and sales modules are integrated.

Inbound and Outbound facilities are available.

Job expenses and all other operational revenue aspects with billing are automated ensuring there is no revenue loss.

Supports an integrated global office management system.

Enables standard system interfaces and network connections.

Freight forwarding details are auto linked with the Customs.

Provides work standardization and automation functions and offers work and multi-dimensional performance reports.

Generates and prints Bill of entry / shipping bills for easy manual and online filing in ICEGATE.

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