Shift your ocean freight to a promising digital future

The eFreight Suite’ s ocean freight software has dedicated technological and functional modules for import and export businesses. It thereby addresses the critical needs of freight forwarding business and logistics companies engaged in sea freight operations.

Execute streamlined bookings and maintain vessel schedules and container load planning. Create ocean jobs and effectively execute co-load and console shipments.

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Vessel Schedule

  • To maintain all the vessel schedules including connection details
  • Option to upload schedules received from the shipping line

Container Booking

  • To place container request to the shipping line with a single click of a button
  • Capture Carrier Booking Number received from the carrier

CFS/Depot Activities

  • Able to track & map all the CFS/Depot activities against the shipment

Container Load Plan

  • In case of console, option to print container load plan for cargo stuffing
  • Trigger stuffing confirmation to the customer

SI Submission

  • Option to submit Shipping instruction to the carrier with a single click of a button
  • Draft BL received from the carrier, gets attached

Job Generation/Execution

  • Option to execute Co-load, Console shipments for LCL, Co-load/Direct for FCL
  • Accept SLI from the customer and issue Original/Express BL for export
  • Trigger onboard confirmation
  • To send Pre-Alert to the agent with the Manifest, HBLs
  • Provision to print Cargo Arrival Notice/Delivery Order/Release Order for import
  • To Submit Manifest EDI to Customs

Manage Split/Merge BL

  • Provision to manage splitting up and merging of BL as required


  • Workflow configured to handle transhipment cargos
  • Option to trigger transhipment update
  • Provision to maintain on-forwarding rates

Demurrage Calculation

  • Master to maintain CFS tariff
  • Option to calculate storage and raise an invoice against the shipment while delivery

POD Update

  • To update proof of delivery in the system and trigger POD confirmation to the customer

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