Financial agility for all your accounting functions

Newage offers distinguished finance and accounting outsourcing services to support the end-to-end accounting. We help finance managers and CFOs design, transform, and operate their finance functions in an most optimum way and also suggest best platforms maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency while enhancing user experience. Today, we handle over 14,000 monthly transactions spread globally, serving clients across Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA.

Efficient, productive and holistic approach for better financial agility


  • Invoice Booking – Job and Non Job Related
  • Airline/Liner/Agent & Vendor Payments
  • Accounts Payable Analysis & Book keeping


  • Exchange Rate Updation.
  • Invoice Booking
  • Passing of Payment and Receipt Vouchers
  • Disbursement of Payments – Via Cheques, Cash & Online
  • Job Checking –Verifying Revenue and Costs associated with Jobs


  • Collection of Receivables/Revenue
  • Follow up with Clients – Phone & E-mails
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis & Book keeping


  • Payable and Receivable Reconciliations of Airline/Liner/Agent and Vendor Statement of Accounts
  • Dispute Co-ordinations Internally and Externally
  • Bank Reconciliations


  • Monthly Visibility Reports – PNL, Balance Sheet & Trial Balance
  • Monthly Receivable and Payable Reviews
  • GST/TDS preparation and monthly filing
  • Audit Support

Enhance your financial agility with improved accounting analysis