Seamless data flow from Quote to Invoice cycle/workflow management

Enquiry  Quotation  Booking  Job  Invoicing
  • Inbuilt workflows in eFS ERP provides integration across various modules ensuring effortless navigation of data such as rates & costs from quotation to job and to invoice.
  • Auto capturing of data from one module to another saves times and reduces manual errors.

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Implement Industry Best Practices with eFreight Suite

  • eFS is designed and maintained by freight forwarding domain experts. The ERP incorporates the industry best practices, that helps freight forwarders scale their business
  • With eFS Freight Forwarders can enable process such as invoice approval, HBL approval from customer, and more. Real time documentation dashboards help customer service team to track all key documents. Incorporating these practices helps in reducing penalties and improving profits.

Stay connected with Supply Chain Ecosystem

  • eFS enables ease of integration across Customs, Shipping Lines, Airlines and 3rd Party Vendors.
  • With direct integrations to shipping lines/airlines, Freight Forwarders perform Container Booking, SI submission, VGM Submission, Live Tracking of Shipment other tasks efficiently & accurately from eFreight Suite.

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Real-time Visibility through the Transaction Life Cycle

  • eFS speeds up inter-department collaboration with users are available with instant and real-time milestone updates on the shipments.
  • Inbuilt EXIM Dashboards provides actionable insights and improves operational effectiveness.

Region based statutory compliances

  • eFreight Suite is updated to meet all the required Government compliance requirements. For example, the system support IRN for India, VAT for Middle East, FAPIO for China and more.

Empower your customers with access to real-time updates

  • Provide your customers access to their own customized portal through WebTools, where they can view shipment status, place enquiries & bookings and access quotations.

One file concept eliminates data redundancy & manual errors

  • Auto export to import functionality reduces manual work in capturing the export job details to the import side. In eFS this happens automatically as soon the export job is completed, hence saving time, and increasing accuracy.
  • Similarly, an import nomination can be replicated to export booking.