You pay purely on the number of transactions performed for your customers.

Our Unique “Pay-Per-Use” Services

A new way of consuming services

A “never in the industry” buying process makes the whole experience of buying our “Pay-Per-Use” services seamless and quick. Our innovative offering framework caters to your business needs in few clicks like never before.

Why Customers Are Outsourcing With Us

  • Improvements in Errors & Omissions and cost reduced through command centre control
  • Process streamlining – Unique experience for each customer interaction
  • Cost Efficiency – Moving from low fixed cost to even lower variable cost
  • Multi Geo Support – Multilingual Language Support
  • Complex Processes Handling

Sales Support

Quote to bookings

Customer Service


Export & Import

Documentation (Ocean & Land)

Customer Fillings


Finance & Accounting

(AP / AR)

Finance & Accounting

Booking Keeping services

Why waste money when you can pay as you use?

Outsourcing Services for Logistics Businesses and Freight Forwarders

The “Pay-Per-Use” is a range of services offered on a transactional basis to empower alignment of your operating costs with monthly business volumes.
  • Predict and respond to the unending customer needs
  • Effectively manage the challenges faced by the industry
  • Have first-rated approaches to the complex marketplaces
  • Be a major supply chain driver
  • Watch out for the increased need for risk-controlled and lean demands

A customized solution for your Business

In order to lead the freight forwarding world with minimized costs, get benefited from our Pay per use program, which is easy to consume and easy to buy for targeting a steep profit curve.
  • Pay only for the services you use
  • Receive each offering with unaltered customer service
  • Have robust coordination with sales support while dealing with complex challenges
  • Generate leads and follow up with a standard enquiry management system
  • Get structured shipment and financial reports for transparent documentation

Try Pay-Per-Use now and improve your business management