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At Newage services, we have domain expertise and know how to manage customer experience and expectations to the best-in-class standards, we understand what our clients have come to expect. We are aware of the industry challenges and its relevance of outsourcing these critical interactions and how best to avoid them. Our range of services are spread across voice email channels, mastering each client’s unique ways of managing all end customer interactions.

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Sales Support

  • Receive enquiries and send timely quotations
  • Follow up with customers and win bookings
  • Create Bookings
  • Contract Management
  • Procure Shipment Details
  • Cost & Sell updates
  • Provide Sales Support

Customer Relationship Management

  • Quarterly Customer review cycle
  • Track Shipment and Status Updates
  • Client Advisory Services
  • SOP Compliance
  • Exception Management
  • Key Account Management
  • Troubleshooting and Escalation Resolution

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