Sales & Customer Service

Sales & Customer Service

    Sales Support :

  • Sales Support is a very important function of any organization. With our in-depth knowledge & expertise in the supply chain and logistics industry, we help you focus on actually selling and closing deals through a variety of support services such has market research, lead generation, scheduling appointments, etc


    We provide the following services for Land, Air & Ocean

    Pre Sales Support / Inside Sales :

  • Criteria of lead generation:
    Fully understand your service, know your audience, their needs, interests, budget, timing, decision making role & understand the customer journey

  • Lead generations:
    Through Inbound Marketing, Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Outbound Marketing, Email Marketing & Displaying Ads

  • Qualification of Leads:
    Checklist qualification fulfillment such has Budget, Authority, Need & Timescale

  • Proposal prep and positioning:
    Draft proposal outlining customer pain points, tailored solutions and collaboration with sales team

  • Scheduling Appointments:
    Involves script preparation, cold calling, appointment fixing & follow ups prior to appointment for sales team

    Customer Service :

  • Our extensive deep domain expertise in global supply chain and logistics helps us to provide your clients the best customer service ever. With robust contact center processes, technology, and operational tools we deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint, representing your brand in the best manner. We help you manage your business more effectively & efficiently by adding real value to your business.


    We provide the following services for Land, Air & Ocean

  • Contract Management:
    Managing contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk

  • Provide Sales Support:
    Helps sales support with post sales activities & active market communication

  • Create Bookings:
    Sending quotations, finalize rates & create bookings for movement of shipments

  • Procure Shipment Details:
    Capture all required shipment details such as shipper, consignee, notify party, POR, POL, POD, FDC, commodity, approximate weight & cube

  • Customer Relationship Management:
    Providing shipment tracking, status updates, client advisory services exception management & key account management

    Omni-Channel Capabilities :

  • Voice / Email / Chat

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