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Newage Services works both independently and in tandem with our flagship product eFreightSuite; on how we can both power and support the complex needs of the global supply chain, freight forwarding and logistics businesses. Our ability to focus uniquely on this ecosystem has helped us gain deep insight into the complex challenges of the industry and how we can constantly learn, adapt and innovate to solve both our customers day-to-day business needs & strategic outsourcing priorities.

Here are our three core areas of offerings across a full spectrum of Global Supply Chain & Logistics


Sales Support & Customer Service

5000+ Quotes, 2000+ Bookings,
10000+ Calls & Queries in a month

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Documentation Services

15000+ LCL Bills, 2000+ FCL Bills,
10000+ Amendments,
25000+ Emails in a month

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Finance & Accounting Services

10000+ Invoices, 15000+ Queries,
2000+ Calls in a month

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Our Focus on the Customer & Delivery Makes us the Preferred Choice

Deep Domain Knowledge;
Process & Industry

Deliver a Great
Customer Experience

Fast Transition

Effective & Seamless

Drive RoI and
Cost efficiencies

Near-zero errors &
100% processes compliance

Competitive business advantages
through Data & Insights

Stabilized Delivery &
Governance Cadence

Our Unique Pay Per Use Services Model “Snackables”


Our Simplified Buying Process - Snackables


A new way of consuming services

A “never in the industry” buying process makes the whole experience of buying our Snackables services seamless and quick. Our innovative offering framework caters to your business needs in few clicks like never before.

Do you have your list of processes and transactions, their approximate volumes? Would you want to know the approximate cost of execution? Its that simple and easy!!!

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