We are happy to be associated with E-freight Suite and appreciate the team associated as they always work proactively to all our needs and requirements across our logistics activity as we currently utilise their services for our International Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Management WMS package which have enhanced our operational efficiency immensely. I thank Newage team for all their efforts and Wish them many more years of laurels in this Logistics industry.”
P. T. Balaji, CEO
Kerry Indev Logistics Private Limited
“An industry committed, one of the leading companies in freight business operating across UK, USA and Asia, Liyana chose Newage as one of their key service provider in handling all documentation and transactional processes. Newage handles their end to end processes for Ocean and Air documentation. Liyana recognizes Newage services as one of their integral pillars of their business with continued thinking of long term partnership.”
Mr. Wahid, CEO
“OneWorld started its journey recently with Newage and are all excited to leverage such comprehensive software which is a benchmark in the global supply chain industry. OneWorld have always believed that technology empowers any business and helps one provide competitive advantage over other and Newage has helped us gain that. Also, their Training team has been really effective in helping us adopt to this software faster. All of the OneWorld is loving this software and we realize that many doors have opened up for us to serve our customers in much better way than before. Thank you Newage and OneWorld looks forward to continue strengthening our partnership.”
Prashant Samant, Managing Partner
“eFreightSuite has helped us to optimize our process through its scalable solution. Newage is driven by innovation and no one understands the Freight forwarding industry better than them. Total Freight are happy to leverage the frequently released upgrades within the software which eventually catches up with changing business needs and requirements. The Finance module in the eFreightSuite is specifically built for the Freight Forwarding industry and through that Total Freight can perform wide range of operations. Total Freight have been one of all the satisfied customers of Newage and would continue to benefit a lot from such growing logistics technology company.”
Saajin Salim, CEO
Total Freight
“We at Emirates Logistics strongly believes that to run a successful business in supply chain industry one must have efficient, flexible and secure system which is not only good for company but it also leverages benefit and convenience to customers, suppliers and partners. eFreight Suite has helped us offer our customer an integrated solution tailored to their requirement. Emirates Logistics has done several successful system integration between third party software & eFreightSuite. Flexibility and capability of efreight suite has helped us move large volume of data, quickly and efficiently in real-time without any disruption. Today, our partnership with Newage Software spans across borders and has been an enabler in our growth journey towards becoming a world class service provider for Supply Chain Solutions.”
Zahedi, General Manager
Emirates Logistics

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