Throttle TMS ®

Simplifying Fleet Management and Transport Operations through Technology

Throttle is the new generation transportation logistics solution for Transport management and Fleet management. Throttle has been designed with the State-of-the-art open source technologies to reduce the development and implementation cost of the product. Throttle caters to end to end order, execution and settlement with high level of data accuracy & real time visibility. Throttle comes with robust integration and portal capabilities to connect all business partners and legacy systems. The versatility and configurability of Throttle is such that it is suitable for broad range of transportation segments.

**Throttle TMS is developed and maintained by EntitleTech Solutions.

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Key Features

Integrated TMS and FMS.

Ready with mobility features and Business Intelligence.

Enable to provide on demand Report and MIS reports.

Web based Solution, Real time visibility to Operations, Metrics and Analytics enabled.

Vehicle type, age, mileage configuration, country/city wise, fuel type wise file cost management.

Deviation based alerts and GUI based dashboard reports are enabled.

Driver mobile app with route map, pick up and drop details for an assigned trip.

Comprehensive process and alerts system to manage all government compliances.

GPS tracking and other telematics data integration like temperature monitoring, door open and close, FTL, LTL is enabled.
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