Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System provides the crucial link for freight and logistics to strengthen the global supply chain management. Increase your operational efficiency through direct integration with customers.

Designed to manage and control the flow of goods in and out of the 3PL warehouse, transit warehouse container freight station. The module supports automated put-away, picking, stock reservation, stock transfer, and cycle count. It performs a host of value-added services such as delivery and billing on behalf of the client. It acts as one cargo tracking system for customers to view stock stored and moved in the warehouse.

Customer Contract

  • Customer Contract helps to create a 3PL invoice from the agreed sales rate in terms of handling, Storage, and Value-added services
  • Eliminates manual invoicing and human error on storage and other sales rate.

Product Master Maintenance

  • Product Master enables the Operations Team to maintain product details for its customer including dimension and weight reducing time and effort to capture the details at the transaction level
  • It provides flexibility to enable Flexi fields for the specific product and make them mandatory/optional. Enabling to set up the product rotation like FIFO, FEFO, xLIFO

Customer Bin Allocation

  • Soft Bin Allocation option to a customer and directed putaway without compromising space utilization

PO Management

  • Visibility of customer’s purchases and keeps track of their purchase order in warehouse inventory

Inbound Operations

  • Allows various types of Receipt. Provide complete visibility and control on inbound shipment to manage resources
  • Planning for storage to accommodate the upcoming shipments
  • Provision to capture the advance shipping information
  • Option to Plan for storage to accommodate upcoming shipments
  • To record the actual receipt against advance shipping notice
  • Enable option for the conventional way of unloading and Advanced Mobile Barcode Scanning unload
  • Shortage, Excess, Damage (SEDR) informed to the customer. Auto Goods Receipt notification to customers
  • Directed Putaway for better storage optimization and man-power utilization
  • Enable option for the conventional way of Putaway and Directed Mobile Barcode Scanning

Outbound Operations

  • Allows various type of despatch. Provides complete visibility and control on outbound shipment to manage resources. System Controlling product rotation (FIFO, FEFO, LILO) without human error to manage customer’s cost flow, the option to overrule
  • Enable to capture the different types of Sales orders. Sales order with a customer-specific lot to facilitate customers to choose their preferable lot
  • Product picking with System controlled Product rotation and option to overrule the system directed pick location. Aisle based pick allocation. Option to Mobile Barcode Scanning for pick confirmation
  • Direct Loading and delivery. Auto-Delivery Note notification to customers
  • Freight connection tracking
  • Awb tracking

Space Optimization

  • Optimized space utilization through System Directed Putaway and System directed pick Rotation method FIFO, FEFO, LIFO
  • Option to allow multiple item lot in a single location. Mobile barcode scanning to move inventory to optimize the space in real-time

Customs Document Preparation

  • Cater to the bounded warehouse Operation and extensive Customs documentation

Label Printing

  • Barcode and non-barcode label creation as required

Value Added Services

  • Option to capture Value-added service activity such as labeling, palletization, kitting, etc..


  • Option to invoice for the selected transactions
  • Option to create a consolidated invoice for storage, transactions, and value-added activities together
  • Option to invoice for the selected Value-added activities

Integrated Finance Module

  • Integrated finance module to give full visibility on Accounts receivables and payables recorded in warehouse transaction jobs
  • Control on Credit limit in terms of days and amount

Inventory Management

  • Option for Wall to wall inventory audit, selected inventory audit to minimize inventory discrepancy over the period
  • Maintaining inventory threshold in pick face location. Auto-Replenishment inventory task from the storage location to pick face location achieves greater picking efficiency
  • Alert customers to reorder with suppliers when the product on hand reaches the minimum threshold
  • Capable of handling the Bill of material to create a new product from available product within the warehouse

Customer Access

  • Option for access to customers for their inventory, Download Transaction Documents GRN and DN, Product Ageing, and Stock ledger
  • Access to create Direct Sales Order instructions

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