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1) What does NewageNXT freight forwarding software offer?

NewageNXT software provides cloud-based, end-to-end freight management solutions that handle every aspect of domestic and international freight operations with advanced technology. Visit our Product Page for more information.

2) Why choose NXT freight management software?

There are many reasons for it, including:

  • Ease of Collaboration: Eliminate the need for offline/ office communication through emails and calls. Manage all communication within NXT.
  • Efficient Operations: Real-time dashboard, modern, intuitive, responsive UI, and role-based landing pages enhance work efficiency.
  • Omni-channel Presence: Access NXT from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • User-friendly System: NXT, with its user-friendly nature and the latest technology stack, requires minimal training.
  • Modern Integration: Productive tools, including Sales Mobile App, Track & Trace, and Web-Tools, are seamlessly integrated with NXT. Third-party applications can also connect securely via the API gateway.
  • Data Analytics: Real-time dashboards and extensive reports allow quick data extraction. Integrated BI tools aid in trend analysis, history, profit analysis, and sales insights.
  • Document Management System: Easily upload, download, and format documents for transactions and master records using the global search option.

3) Why choose cloud-based software (SaaS)?

NXT is a SaaS based model hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Oracle Database for data storage, ensuring cost-effectiveness, improved data security, automatic technology upgrades, data recovery, scalability, mobile access, and API/EDI connectivity.

4) What customer support do we offer?

Our support team has highly capable personnel, offering personalized support 24/7. We offer Jira Software tools for customers to raise support issues digitally and enhance efficiency.

5) What's different about NXT freight forwarding software compared to eFS?

NXT offers the following additional features:

  • Ease of Customer Onboarding: Instantly create customer entries, sales inquiries, and lead/prospect profiles with color-coded grades for easy differentiation.
  • Single Screen Data Visibility: Compact UI design offers comprehensive transaction information in a single view, including Enquiry and Quotation visibility.
  • Omni-Channel Capability: Access NXT from various devices without additional prerequisites.
  • Security & Latest Technology: Multi-factor authentication, role-based access, and a secured API gateway enhance data security and third-party application integration.

6) What are the benefits of track & trace solutions?

Below are the benefits of track & trace solutions:

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility.
  • Valuable insights for freight forwarders, NVOCC, shipper and consignee.
  • Improved operation efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

7) How does the financial system benefit forwarders and NVOCCs?

The financial system benefits forwarders and NVOCCs by:

  • Improving profitability and identifying revenue leakage.
  • Providing centralized financial data for future audits.
  • Easily managing financial regulations and laws.
  • Offering essential financial information and real-time tax and compliance reports.

8) How can forwarders increase their business competitiveness?

Forwarders can easily increase their business competitiveness by:

  • Capturing customer inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • Improving response time with eQuotations.
  • Enhancing sales and operations processes through automation.
  • Running digital marketing campaigns and provide data transparency for customer trust.

9) Why do forwarders face communication challenges?

Complex operations involve multiple stakeholders and activities. Effective communication is critical, and without digital platforms, it can be challenging to manage efficiently.

10) How many years have you been in the freight forwarding solution business?

17+ Years

11) What software/services do we offer?

We offer the following software/ services:

12) Is the sales mobile App available for sales management?

Yes, the sales mobile App allows quick quotation release and customer requirements capture.

13) Is the sales mobile App available for sales management?

Yes, the sales mobile App allows quick quotation release and customer requirements capture.

14) Is Road transportation available in NXT freight Software?


15) Is rate management available in NXT freight forwarding software?

Yes, users can define pricing in NXT and automate various transaction records. Specific rates can be defined for different attributes.

16) Can sailing and flight schedules be maintained in NXT?

Yes, users can maintain sailing and flight schedules for sea and air transportation and use them when creating bookings and BL documents.

17) Can HBL/HAWB be generated from the system?

Yes, freight forwarders can generate HBL/HAWB copies within the system to streamline the approval process. Email notifications and automated integrations ensure efficient BL management.

18) Is a BI tool available for analysis?

Yes, we offer the Luminor BI tool, which is integrated with NewaheNXT for in-depth analysis.

19) To which countries' forwarders does NewageNXT software suit the best?

NewageNXT is a global software application that works well for forwarders in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, US, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

20) What is freight forwarding software?

Freight forwarding software is a sophisticated digital tool that streamlines the management of all freight operations within a single, user-friendly platform. By consolidating functions like order processing, shipment tracking, and route optimization, this software ensures businesses can efficiently organize, secure, and leverage their freight data for optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.