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Newage is a well-established information technology company focussed on providing uninterrupted connectivity for the logistics industry through SaaS-based ERP software.
With eFreight Suite, eFreight Suite NEXT cloud-based SaaS software, and ITES services, Newage offers integrated solutions for the supply chain and logistics industry to manage shipments from origin to destinations, thereby meeting the growing needs of the freight forwarding industry.
Outsourcing capabilities supporting all the constituents of freight forwarding and logistics industries through a range of services such as Sales support and customer service, EXIM documentation and operations, Finance and Accounting at Newage allow you to hassle-free end to end freight management operations effectively.

Global Customers

Customers served from all over the world availing our top-class software and solutions

Company Footprint

Countries served and are planning to expand our footprint further across the globe

Shipments Processed

Cargo Value Of Shipments Processed yearly


Shipments are filed remotely by our experts as a back-office service for customs and port clearance

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Errors and Omissions

Reduce error with modern SLAs every time


Create predictability with problem-free automation


Pay as per your volumes across OPEX and CAPEX

Multilingual Language Support

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We are ready to cater to your immediate freight forwarding needs

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