• About NewAge
    NewAge is a leading technology company whose software
    and solutions power the demanding needs of the global supply chain,
    freight forwarding and logistics industries. We are,in the regions
    we operate, the ubiquitous choice for this industry; from small & medium
    businesses to large enterprises.Together, our software and services
    support customers in over 30 countries including the US, EU, UK, MEA,
    Asia and India. We are headquartered in Dubai with key development
    centers in India at Bangalore and Chennai.
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Customer Stories

Our Customers are at the very heart of our business. They have inspired us to be who are over the last 15 years. We have bolted on a number of features & functionalities in our flagship product; eFreightSuite by listening to our Customers and hence been able to solve complex problems and business workflow needs of the logistics and freight forwarding industry.

Today, we serve some of the leading customers in the regions we operate and we continue to learn and partner with them to get ahead, together.

Introduction to eFreight Suite!

eFreightSuite is the most comprehensive SaaS based ERP for the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Our relentless focus on incorporating all the functionality needs of the business, has enabled our clients to manage their business at ease and ensuring robust automation of their processes. With all the requsite integrations and interfaces, eFreightSuite helps end-customers and shippers to easily track, transact and manage all their shipments at ease on the platform.

Both eFreightSuite & eFreight Suite NEXT) have the following key modules

NewAge Services

Newage Services works both independently and in tandem with our flagship product eFreightSuite; on how we can both power and support the complex needs of the global supply chain, freight forwarding and logistics businesses. Our ability to focus uniquely on this ecosystem has helped us gain deep insight into the complex challenges of the industry and how we can constantly learn, adapt and innovate to solve both our customers day-to-day business needs & strategic outsourcing priorities.

Case Studies

We enable our Customers be on top of of their game and this enablement is what inspires us to do more. We continue to relentlessly focus on building more power & capability of both our flagship product eFreightSuite and also our IT enabled Offshoring Services, so that our Customers can truly achieve more. Here are some inspiring stories of how we make the difference.

Newage Outreach

As we execute our strategy, focusing on product modernization and global market expansion, we remain deeply indebted and committed to delivering even greater innovation and solutions to the global logistics industry. The combination of domain expertise and continued investment in product innovation and services capacity, will help us be the foremost choice for the logistics and forwarding industry.

15+ Years of domain
30+ Countries with userbase
350+ Satisfied customers

Our Global Customers Footprint

We have patiently built our footprint and focused on deeply entrenching ourselves in markets we operate. This approach has helped us truly understand the needs of the country and the region. Today, our flagship product eFreightSuite and IT enabled Services together help our customers in over 30 countries including the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and India. We are now getting ready for the next phase our growth, as we expand to more regions around the world.

NewAge Support

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