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Take well-informed decisions using NewageNXT BI module’s predictive analytics, interactive dashboards, and custom reports.

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Make the most of your data with Business Intelligence

NewageNXT’s Business Intelligence (BI) module can give you end-to-end supply chain visibility using predictive analytics, interactive dashboards, custom reporting, and shipment tracking and tracing. We will be launching more dashboards in the future for our customers to view Job profitability, and KPI Metrix for both import & export.

With our BI tool senior management teams and business leaders can gauge the business progress.

Highlights of the BI module

Current Year and Last Year Comparison

The data shows a comparison of sales figures for the current year and last year to track sales trends and identify areas for improvement.


Year-on-Year Comparison

Check out the year-on-year comparison of sales figures to track long-term sales trends and identify areas where there is potential for growth.


Top 20 Stats Report

This report shows a list of the top 20 customers by sales volume. This information can be used to identify the top customers and to focus on offering exceptional customer experience.


Sales Enquiry Log

It shows a log of all sales enquiries received in the past month to measure the number of enquiries received, the queries that are most enquired about, and the time it takes to respond to enquiries.


Detailed Grid & Filters

View detailed sales data and apply filters to drill down into specific areas of sales performance and identify trends and patterns.


Filters and Save Preference

Save your preferred filters and preferences to quickly and easily view the data that is most relevant to you.


Key Features of BI Modules

View Charts in Fullscreen

Users can view charts in fullscreen mode to get a better view of the data.

Highlight and Share as PDF or Image

Users can highlight specific areas of a chart and share the highlighted chart as a PDF or image.

Quick Compare with Required Filters

Forwarders can quickly compare charts by applying different filters.

Grid View

You can view charts in grid view to see multiple charts at the same time.

Export into Image/PDF/Excel/CSV

Users can export charts into image, PDF, Excel, or CSV format to save or share the data.

Chart Type Change

Forwarders can change the chart type to see the data in different ways.


Benefits of NewageNXT Business Intelligence Module

Improved efficiency

BI can help freight forwarders identify areas where they can improve their efficiency. For example, BI can be used to track the time it takes to process shipments, identify bottlenecks in the supply chain, and optimize routing.

Increased profitability

BI can help to identify new opportunities to increase profits. It can help to track market trends, identify new customers, and negotiate better prices with carriers.

Enhanced customer service

BI offers improved customer service. You can track customer satisfaction, identify customer pain points, and resolve customer issues more quickly with it.

Learn more about our NewageNXT BI software now

Learn more about our NewageNXT business intelligence software now