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Newage Partners with SeaRoutes to Offer Cutting-Edge CO2 Reporting Solutions

Newage is excited to announce its latest collaboration with SeaRoutes, a renowned leader in CO2 reporting solutions within the logistics industry. With a growing demand from our customers for sustainable shipping options, Newage has strategically partnered with SeaRoutes to provide innovative solutions tailored to meet these evolving needs.

SeaRoutes boasts an exceptional reputation in the industry, serving some of the largest Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) worldwide. Their expertise and track record make them the perfect fit for Newage’s commitment to delivering top-tier services to its clientele. As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the logistics industry, Newage recognizes the need to provide customers with innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

The initial phase of this partnership focuses on streamlined reporting processes. Newage will provide shipment data to SeaRoutes, allowing them to perform complex calculations and present comprehensive insights through an intuitive dashboard. These insights will be compiled into PDF reports, which Newage can then share directly with customers.

However, what sets this collaboration apart is the flexibility it offers. Under the terms of the contract, Newage has the option to leverage SeaRoutes’ powerful APIs, enabling seamless integration with Newage’s proprietary systems. This integration paves the way for enhanced functionality, including the ability to pull data directly into NewageNXT Freight Management Suite and seamlessly feed it to the Customer Portal and Business Intelligence product as needed.

Mr. Jonathan Phillips, CEO of Newage Software & Solutions, said “Our goal at NewAge is to continuously add value to our customers and provide them solutions across the logistics landscape.  This extends beyond just the operational processes in our industry.  The technology, solutions, and offerings have evolved and we can now easily integrate with partners and add such solutions to our platform.  SeaRoutes is one such opportunity.  By working with them, we will be able to provide our customers with data-driven CO2 insights for all their shipments and extend that to their customers, enabling them both to make impactful and sustainable decisions for our environment.”

By harnessing the expertise of SeaRoutes and the advanced capabilities of their solutions, Newage is poised to revolutionize CO2 reporting within the logistics industry, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction.