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eFreight Suite: Capterra Rating

eFreight Suite has been recognized by our esteemed customers as one of the top freight forwarding products with an overall quality rating of 4.2 out of 5 and a net promoter score of 7.9. These ratings are a testimony that our customers are extremely happy with our product that they have also recommended it to their friends and colleagues.

Automate and optimize your freight forwarding operations best freight forwarding software: eFreight Suite

eFreight Suite is the most comprehensive web-based ERP software for the freight forwarding and logistics industry. It can meet all the freight requirements to help forwarders manage their business operations at ease and ensure robust automation of different processes. This web-based SaaS ERP software has different modules like eSales, eCRM, eAir, eOcean, eLand, eReport, WMS, and eFinance. It is integrated with leading entities like eCommerce, airlines, carriers, customs, payment, TMS, CFS/Port, and customer interfaces of the freight forwarding ecosystem to automate operations for seamless business management. Track, transact, and manage all your shipments from a common window with the best freight forwarding software.

Key Differentiators

These results are hard to believe but easy to achieve with eFreight Suite, which is the best software for freight forwarders.

1. Single integrated ERP

  • Manages all your Freight and Logistics requirements

2. Scalable System with Integrated Workflow

  • Supports multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-language support
  • Proven seamless operation, 100% referenceable by customers across the globe

3. Ease of Integration

  • Easy integration across Customs, Shipping Lines, Airlines, and 3rd Party Vendors

4. Secured Cloud Application

  • Cloud-Based application providing ~100% uptime and anywhere-anytime access
  • Deploying a BCP complaint system

5. Real-time Visibility through the Transaction Life Cycle

  • eFS enables inter-department collaboration and users get instant and real-time visibility on the shipments
  • Dashboards and actionable insights increase operations effectiveness

6. Region-based statutory compliances

  • eFreight Suite is updated to meet all the required Government compliance requirements. It supports IRN for India, VAT for Middle East and FAPIO for China

Number one Software for freight forwarders: USP of eFreight Suite

As a pioneering freight forwarding ERP software, built with domain expertise, today eFreight Suite is the ubiquitous choice of global forwarders. It has won recognition for its comprehensive functionalities, advantages, and ease of use. There are many top logistics companies, which are using eFreight Suite for over 15 years and have witnessed business success with the freight forwarding software. Today, more than 30 countries power their logistics business on eFreight Suite and will continue their partnership with us.
  • Improves Operational Efficiency: With our technology-driven software for freight forwarders, you can enhance your operational efficiency
  • Extensive Digitized Process: eFreight Suite digitizes the complete freight and logistics processes to offer supreme experience to the consumers
  • Effortless Digital Quote Management: With eFS, you can get a digital quote for the desired freight forwarding services
  • Meticulous Tracking of Shipments: eFS is the top freight management software that provides real-time and precise locations of the shipments through accurate tracking
  • Customer Service: We value our consumers indefinitely and offer 24/7 support to them

Are you ready to experience the eFreight world?

End to end Freight management Software

eFreight Suite is a user-friendly shipment tracking system that gives various details to forwarders including ready-to-use financial transactions, recent freight management upgrades, and more. It is fully customizable and has different modules.


Provides 360 degree customer and order cycle view to sales team by capturing sales calls and follow up activities, enquiry and quotation creation along with pricing and budget related details.

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Operate Quote to Cash cycle seamlessly with customer profiling to get a clear view of potential business. Maintain trade lane rates with validity dates and manage shipping documentations.

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Execute streamlined bookings and maintain vessel schedules and container load planning. Create ocean jobs and effectively execute co-load and console shipments.

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Achieve operational efficiencies by maintaining flight schedules, AWB. Control air shipments execution with a single click to generate and submit FWB, FHL.

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Control LTL and FTL shipment with an ability to link land jobs with sea/ air shipment. Handle documentation along with track and trace and customs handling.

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WMS Processes

Recognize revenue based on supply chain event. Monitor trade lane profitability with month end closing through finance MIS reports. Control credit exposure through credit management.

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Through meticulous planning and execution, we ensure a highly profitable financial functionality for our consumers. We are skilled in all the integrated processes needed in this sector.

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Looking forward to discovering our wide range of features?

eFreight Suite- Capabilities

eFreight Suite- Capabilities

Power BI Report

eFS offers real-time and deep insights to forwarders through BI reporting and custom dashboards

Extensive Integrations

eFreight Suite has a wide range of integrations with Shipping lines, Airlines, Ports, Customs, Customers, and Agents

Automated Processes

Through this feature, repetitive tasks can now be effortlessly automated. Automated processes leave little or no room for error, and improve the overall efficiency

Single window platform

eFS has a single window to track, transact, and manage the shipments, quotations, invoices, Bookings, PO, Warehouse orders, and Stock Reports

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