Top 4 signs: Forwarding company needs freight forwarding software

June 26, 2023 Software

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”

Charles Darwin

The above quote of Darwin fits well with the lives of forwarders as well. Since time immemorial, when forwarders started shifting cargos from one place to another, the freight industry has gone through umpteen changes. Those forwarders who adjusted their working style as per the changes that came to the business world have survived, while scores of forwarding companies got washed out from the industry because they didn’t change with the changing business needs.
Changes are an inevitable part of any business, so forwarders must embrace them with open arms.

Today in the 21st century, technological changes come to the business world daily. The forwarding industry also needs to adopt all those changes to maintain the balance between the cut-throat competition and the restless customers.

If your forwarding company is struggling to maintain profit, then check these 4 signs in your company. And if your company has these signs, then invest in the freight forwarding software. There are myriads of benefits of investing in freight forwarding software.

 The major challenge of today’s freight forwarder is how to keep their customer retained? One of the key aspects is to earn customer’s credibility and trust. Providing shipment visibility and transparent communication starting from sales enquiry to real time updates on each shipment milestone goes a long way in gaining the trust. To serve this, freight forwarders need to maintain all their business information in a single place, right from the sourcing prospective clients, receiving enquires, quotation, approvals, booking confirmations, collaborating with shipping liners and transporters, tracking shipment and delivery, followed by billing and collection. Several Technologies had made digital supply chain a reality today. Please find the evolution of technologies in digital supply chain technology landscape

1. Paying heavy demurrage and detention charges

Gone are the days when forwarders shifted cargo with improper tracking systems like a compass. Today a freight forwarding software comes with an in-built GPS tracking system which has become a must-have technology for a seamless cargo move.

Now, with the advanced real-time tracking system, you can know the whereabouts of the ship and your cargo. You can calculate the total number of days that carriers will take to deliver the consignments.

Nonetheless, if you still depend upon the carriers to gain the information of a ship, then you come into Darwin’s first group. You need to fix the problem, otherwise sooner or later, your company will be left out of the race, and your company will suffer for a long.

Today, we have many NEXT-GEN technologies which can help you keep tapping the shipment and its exact locations from any part of the world. Now carriers cannot bluff you with their self-created ordeals.

Gift your company that freight forwarding software, which can calculate accurately the time of carriers reaching the ports. With this software, you will reduce the detention and demurrage charges. It will even increase the satisfaction of your customers when they receive their cargo on time.

2. Lack of proper integration with leading carriers

Without proper connections with carriers, there will always be a delay in dispatching the cargo. Today even the delay of 2-3 hours for arranging shipment to shift the freight can cost you heavily. It can lose your customers and create a bad image in the market. A forwarder of the current time should install freight forwarding software in their company.

The freight software like eFreight Suite comes with in-built integration with the leading carriers. This software allows you to book a carrier of your choice with your convenient shipping lines. With this software, you can get automated charges comparing list of different shipping lines. You can put tender for the least cost and get the project with ease. The in-built integration with the leading carriers allows forwarders to shift cargo the very next moment of getting a forwarding project. In this way, you can complete your assignment within the stipulated time and make your customers happy and satisfied.
Good freight software helps you in increasing the customers’ retention rate.

3. Not able to make proper business plans

If your old-dated business tactics are not working these days, then you need business-driven insights generated from tech-savvy software. The freight forwarding software curates, collect, and compile targeted data and help companies with chalking down the rewarding business tactics. With freight software, the business owner can understand what is working for them and what isn’t and the places where they need some improvement.

Newage’s freight forwarding software generates the most advanced BI report, with which forwarders can easily frame their business plans by leaving the ideas which have not worked in the past.

4. Not able to run your freight business from remote

Amidst this global outbreak of coronavirus, if your freight company has not yet shifted to the digital world, then your business will face nosedive loss. You cannot allow even a one-day loss in these cut-throat competitive days. A freight forwarding software like eFreight Suite is a SaaS-based cloud application, which forwarders can operate via a web browser 24*7. They can run their business from anywhere at any time. This software supports forwarders to continue their forwarding business by remaining aloof of what is happening in the outside world.

Along with these 4 signs, there may be a hundred more signs for the forwarders to embrace digital technology and move hand-in-hand with it. In this article, it is not possible to cover all those signs, but yes, you can get insights into the future of the freight industry. You can depict what is going to come and can make your plans accordingly. So you must read this future of the global freight forwarding industry 2020-2026, where you will know how this industry will take shape in the coming years. And yes, if you have made up your mind to invest in the freight forwarding software and want some tips to choose one. Then this article on smart tips for choosing the ERP software in the freight forwarding industry , written by Newage CEO, will help you.

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