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June 26, 2023 Software

The Freight Forwarding industry is one of the most rewarding and dynamic businesses in the world. It bridges the gap between two distant places across the globe while moving cargo from one place to another. In other ways, we can say that forwarders always become a reason to smile among people.

However, this easy-looking task of shifting cargo involves a great effort to overcome the dynamic challenges of a freight forwarding industry. Forwarders face challenges like frequently changing EXIM rules and regulations, shortage of drivers, lack of visibility, and a lot more. They always desire a technical solution that could solve their problems and allows them to serve seamlessly even beyond the boundaries of their countries. In this regard, only the digital platform and ITeS driven services can help freight forwarding companies by automating their entire processes.

Now selecting a perfect software that could work as a single-window platform is big trouble, as the market is full of software. Forwarders want fully customizable and scalable software that can nicely fit with the demands of their specific businesses.

This article will give you insights into a globally recognized freight forwarding software, eFreight Suite, which helps forwarders move cargo on FastTrack.

efreight Suite: A SaaS-Based Freight Forwarding Solution.

efreight Suite is yet another cutting-edge software, developed by Newage Software and Solutions, a globally recognized software company. Newage has a talent pool of deep-domain experts who know the challenges of the freight and logistics industry from its grass root level. The company has been a torchbearer of bringing digitalization into the freight and logistics industry for almost 2 decades. And to automate the end-to-end logistics and supply chain industry and solve all problems linked with the freight industry, it developed eFreight Suite.

Let us find out how eFreight Suite provides solutions in all fronts of the freight forwarding industry

  • Ocean Freight– eFreight Suite makes the ocean freight business seamless. Forwarders can Quote, Book, and Ship LCL and FCL all over the world with one platform. The documentation services of Newage which work in tandem with eFreight Suite make the job of forwarders easy. Now they use digitalized documentation instead of paper documents. Forwarders can send an electronic bill of lading (eBLs) directly to the mailbox of shippers and save time and paper. Thus with eFreight Suite users can optimize their supply chain through the broadest ocean freight offer with exclusive service levels and go green solutions.
  • Air Freight efreight Suite has a dedicated eAir module for Airfreight businesses. With this module, forwarders can achieve operational efficiencies by maintaining flight schedules, AWB. They can control air shipments execution with a single click from generating to submission of FWB, FHL. The software has direct integration with leading carriers and customs agencies. This integration allows even a non-IATA member to run the air freight business.
  • Land Freight eFreight Suite is a perfect example of scalable software with abilities to link land cargo jobs with ocean and air shipments, to make the cargo shift seamless. So Forwarders can control LTL and FTL shipment and link them with other modes of transports. While shifting cargo the documentation services go hand in hand. So here also Newage documentation services can be handy which provides 24*7 documentation services.
  • Tracking and Tracing Cargo- eFreight Suite has integration with some world-class level tracking and tracing system providers. Forwarders can track and trace the whereabouts of the cargo in real-time. The system helps forwarders in many ways like,
  1. Gives complete detail of fuel consumption.
  2. Alerts the drowsiness of a driver
  3. Allows switching off the vehicles from remote in case of cargo theft
  4. Complete mapping of the vehicle movement
  • Webtools- The webtools come added with eFreight Suite to make the forwarders’ job easy.
  1. Integration of MSc Invoices- It helps forwarders to fetch their invoices and automatically book the cost in eFreight Suite.
  2. Collaboration with MMD3– Users are allowed to file VGM & Form 13 by CHA, freight forwarders from eFS to the MMD3 portal via API with no multiple clicks. It helps in accelerating the EXIM trade
  3. Seamless GST e-invoicing process with integrated APIs to IRP–  eFreight Suite has integrated APIs with IRP which completes the e-invoicing process hassle-free. So all Indian forwarding service providers generate hassle-free e-invoicing from IRP.
  4. Container Visibility: Track the export and import containers through API Integration. It will auto-feed container milestones and give them visibility about the status of the shipment to our customers
  • Power BI Report– The power BI report makes the forwarding work invincibly strong by generates various reports like non-performing branches, salesman reports, increase or decrease of finance report, to name some. With the help of these reports, any forwarder can draw out valuable insights from the past business steps.
  • No end-to-end visibility– Today customer needs accurate information about the shipment, packing, dispatching, and delivery timing. The manually operated delivery processes are not apt to handle their demands, and automation is the only solution left with the forwarders.
  • Unable to share data amongst supply chain partners- Supply chain management has various departments linked within itself, and thus real-time data processing will move all of them at the same speed. Technologies help forwarders with discharging quick and on-time services to their customers.
  • Improper product verification- Industry experts are cautious about the impatient behaviour of customers who have a no-wait tendency. They desire the right product, exact quantity, at the right time, at the right place, and this cannot be possible without the help of technology.
  • 24/7 customer support availability-  The major challenge which forwarders face is to handle calls with manual support. Technology has taken a giant leap in this field in the chatting process. Experienced customer engagers with artificial Intelligence backed chatbots will not let any of your customers’ calls going unanswered.

Top-of-the-Line Features

  • Track and trace cargo with 360-degree supply chain visibility.
  • Integration with the leading carriers and customs agencies saves 2-3 hours/ filing in border agreement.
  • Auto-trigger, SLA mapping and KPI reporting allow forwarders to gauge productivity.
  • Real-time visibility of the cargos increases the timely monthly collections by 50-60%.
  • Automated email triggering and configurable email triggers save 2-5 hours/ job lifecycle
  • Reduces quotation turnaround time by 30%.
  • Streamlines the freight business with rate master data, contract quotations, eQuotation & eBooking.
  • Automated invoice settlement, job status updates save 40% reconciliation time.
  • Eliminate manual filings – benefit from the most exhaustive customs, GST, VAT integrations – reduce opex by 20%

Recently Newage has partnered with Location Solution to provide trucking solution capability within eFreight Suite with automated order creation and continuous order status monitoring. The trucking work is part and parcel of the freight and logistics industry, so this upgradation will immensely benefit forwarders.

Now forwarders will get the following world-class features in eFreight Suite: –

  • Automated Order Creation in TMS
  • Visibility and Order Status Monitoring
  • Route Management with Geo Fencing
  • Scheduling the orders to truck and driver

So all these features and webtools make eFreight Suite a perfect freight forwarding software that solves all problems linked with the freight industry.

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Newage’s mission is to assist global freight forwarders by streamlining their operations and helping them scale up their business with a state-of-the-art freight management system.