The Magic of Analysing Customers Experience in Freight Forwarding Industry

June 26, 2023 Software

Nowadays, customer experience is becoming the deciding factor for business units, whether their product and services will sell or not. In the freight industry, forwarders must remain aware that even a single incidence of bad customer handling can affect their customer’s decisions about their products and services.

So nowadays, customer service has become the next competitive battleground for forwarders if they want to get an edge over their competitors. In this battle, one who will focus on their products/services alongside the customer support will win the race.

As per 2019 Logistics tech Trends, 98% of logistics companies have admitted that customer service has become the most critical business strategy. And 55% of them have accepted that maintaining 24/7 customer services is their biggest challenge, and they badly need to outsource them all.

Firstly, let us see some of the prominent challenges to maintaining good customer experiences.

Challenges that forwarders face with customer services

  • No end-to-end visibility– Today customer needs accurate information about the shipment, packing, dispatching, and delivery timing. The manually operated delivery processes are not apt to handle their demands, and automation is the only solution left with the forwarders.
  • Unable to share data amongst supply chain partners- Supply chain management has various departments linked within itself, and thus real-time data processing will move all of them at the same speed. Technologies help forwarders with discharging quick and on-time services to their customers.
  • Improper product verification- Industry experts are cautious about the impatient behaviour of customers who have a no-wait tendency. They desire the right product, exact quantity, at the right time, at the right place, and this cannot be possible without the help of technology.
  • 24/7 customer support availability-  The major challenge which forwarders face is to handle calls with manual support. Technology has taken a giant leap in this field in the chatting process. Experienced customer engagers with artificial Intelligence backed chatbots will not let any of your customers’ calls going unanswered.

Although now it is clear that technology and digitalization support from the highly recognized software company like Newage, has created a large gap between the tech-savvy forwarders and others.

To get a clear picture, we directly interacted with the industry veterans to know the veracity of technology upon the transporting services.

We surveyed 100+ shippers (companies producing goods), forwarders (helping shippers with shifting goods from one place to another) to understand what matters to them most.

Whether shippers choose forwarders who are still manually operating or tech-savvy forwarders. What are the viewpoints of forwarders upon the inevitable shifts coming towards digitalization in the business world?

In this survey, we asked a direct question and analyzed their response, which is as below: –

Question: – How important is online shipment visibility?

  • To the response, 50% of shippers said that today online visibility plays a critical part in their business planning. They evaluate the forwarder services based on the end-to-end visibility support.
  • More than 30% accepted that they decide forwarders based on their digital fitness.
  • 15% accepted that the forwarders who use technological advances in their forwarding process get more shipping projects.
  • Only of 5% shippers shared that they do not bother about the supply visibility.
  • 80% of shippers said they would pay more to work with forwarders having better supply chain visibility and technology.
  • 45% of shippers said that they have stopped giving projects to forwarders with inadequate technological support.

All the technological innovations in the field of transportation are to improve the customer experience while shifting cargo between different places. The customer experience is changing the supply-chain world from the inside out, and the future business plan will stand on the below-listed three pillars.

  • Customer-centric
  • Complete visibility
  • Collaboration-based solutions

Forwarders need to understand the challenges and opportunities of maintaining a positive customer experience. Newage can help them with the best outsourcing services including, sales and customer services, documentation services, finance and accounting services, and more. We have 15+ years of working experience with offices spread across 35+ countries across the globe.

Our customer services team has deep domain expertise in this freight domain. They can efficiently handle shippers’ calls along with engaging the last-mile customers to increase the retention rate. Our 24/7 services help forwarders in their business expansion and accruing profit. Get the magical customer engaging tactics into your forwarding company, and make both the shipper and their customers happy.

The future will be of those forwarders who admire the power of customer services and outsources this department to industry experts like Newage, which can start giving them profit from day one.

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