How to Deliver Great Customer Experience (CX)?

June 26, 2023 Logistics back office services

Customer experience is all those interactions (brief or detailed) that a customer has with an organization.

– Annette Franz, founder, CX Journey

Customer experience has always been a deciding factor for the customers whether they will purchase any product or service. So business units put their head to chalk down some proven customers engaging strategies while making business plans.

Earlier companies were not bothering it much, as the voice of unsatisfied customers was not reachable to many.

But with the advent of social media platforms, this scenario has completely changed.

With social media, anyone has the power to escalate the incidence of bad experiences around the world.

Today, customers decide whether the product will survive or not in the market. Now, even a single incidence of a bad user journey can cost heavily for a company.

Consider one software company, which had good market reach, found itself in the eye of a storm when its customers repeatedly found glitches in the software. The unsatisfied customers (other companies) reported their concerns to the customer care executives, and rather than listening to them patiently and assuring them about resolving the issue, they ignored the concerns of customers.

That incident put the product in a bad light and the company faced unnecessary criticism.

Although, that particular software company had a monopoly in the market, and its executives were not trained to handle unfavorable situations.

That bad customer experience management had escalated the issue globally, and the company had to apologize to the customers by revamping the product.

Had their executives been trained in handling end-to-end customer journey mapping, the company had not faced that nightmare.

The above example is just a glimpse of the bad customer services experiences. The company survived that bad consumer journey because of its already acquired name in the market. However, it becomes impossible for many companies or start-ups to stand tall amidst the wave of dissatisfaction raised by the customers.

Now, who is to blame here?

Whether any software company has to focus more on handling customers or they need to concentrate on their core functionalities, i.e. software development?

The answer is obviously on their core function.

Nowadays, it becomes impossible for any company to handle customer experiences that range from outstanding to infuriating within limited internal resources. Today, companies need to work on customer journey mapping, to keep track of how they engaged or will engage their customer.

So the best option left with the companies is to outsource their complete customer lifecycle management for salescustomer supportcustomer success and focus on their core functionalities.

In this way, they can concentrate on their business and let the other company handle the end-to-end customer services.

How to deliver a great customer experience and run businesses in tandem with back-office services?

Customer experience is a vast subject and there are various aspects that need to take care of while managing customers to start a business with the company and engaging them for long. Below are some notable aspects of user experiences.

  • Culture, strategy, and processes

As we know, customers are the real king. They can even reject good products and accept any average one. A company needs to develop proper culture, strategy, and processes to pull new customers into the business and keep them in the loop for a longer time. However, it may become impossible for any company like logistics and supply chain company to develop a customer-focused ambiance while focusing on their supply chain management. So they must outsource the customer services job to other companies which maintain a talent pool of deep domain experts.

Customer handling is an art that one can gradually develop to accrue benefits out of it. Newage maintains a talent pool of experts who first understand the industry thoroughly and then focus on engaging the customers, thus helping its clients effectively discharge their hard-core job.

  • Anticipation

The experts who handle customers daily can even anticipate customer needs even before they ask. In this way getting help from the experts resolves the customer issues even before it arises in reality. Here a company like Newage can be helpful. It has been outsourcing customer services to various Fortune 500 companies and has the capabilities of handling customers of any number.

“If a product is able to stand up with the customer expectations then half of the battle post-sale support is already won.”

  • Understanding the company’s strategy

Customer service experts play essential roles in delivering unparalleled customer experience and engaging loyal customers for long. All these starts from imbibing the company’s strategy and training to implement an impactful customer journey. In this regard, more than 78% of companies take the help of industry leaders like Newage, which forms dedicated teams to handle customer lifecycle management from starting till the end.

  • Information

Information can be business-to-customer, partners-to-customers, employee-to-employee- in the form of content, data, and analysis.

Both external and internal Knowledge management play a vital role in improving organizational efficiency and providing customers with self-service options. Here also companies like Newage works like beneficial, as it maintains knowledge management resources.

  • Technological Advance

Modern-day customers are highly dependent upon technology, so their customer experience also relies on technology. And only a company with tech-savvy customer services providers can manage to give a good customer service experience. Technologies like customer lifecycle management allow supporting companies with end-to-end customer support for sales, customer support, and customer success.

Why are companies giving more suddenly importance to Customer Experience (CX)?

It is because nowadays, social media platforms work like pro-customer. They can upload a review of a product, concerns, and feelings for any particular brand. All these play the role of catalyst for customer retention, lifetime value, and loyalty. So now, every customer services expert must be an expert in handling social media, and companies cannot neglect the Power of Social Media.

Let us talk about one more incidence. Recently Cristiano Ronaldo had shifted Pepsi bottles from his desk in a press conference and asked the public to drink water; it went viral and had brought the wrong impression for the product. The company suffered both monetary and popularity losses in the market. So one can imagine the power of social media, and the worst part of these platforms is that it stores both the good or bad story of your product for a long and will not let your customers or prospects forget it and move over.

So a customer-supporting company must be well-versed in handling social media. Even a single piece of information can make or break the company. Newage, being a software company, works like a pro-social media expert.

Why do Customers become loyal to a Company?

  • 73% for a Friendly Customer Support
  • 55% for Getting the Information They Want
  • 36% for a Personalized Experience
  • 33% for Good Reputation

What are some prominent reasons to invest in CX?

  • 42% to Improve Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
  • 33% to Improve Customer Retention
  • 32% to Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • 50% to Double the Profit Margin

A positive customer experience might include:

  • Marketing setting realistic expectations about the selling product and services
  • Intuitive Product Design
  • Easy-to-access Self-help Resources
  • Proactive Messaging Around Known Issues
  • Sales Being Transparent About Pricing
  • On-the-go customer support with short waits

Lastly, Attracting and retaining customers in the cutthroat competitive business environment is no small feat, and companies that ignore the importance of providing an effective and seamless customer experience can end up losing the battle easily to rivals who have understood that customers only defines a good or bad service. So choose your customer support team wisely as the bad customer journey mapping can lower down the interest of customers. And nowadays, finding an alternative product and service is as easy as a Google search.

Let Newage handle your end-to-end customer support.

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