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March 31, 2021 Freight ForwardingSoftware

The business of freight forwarding that deals with international import and export of goods faces challenges at every step starting with negotiating with the carriers to warehousing, scheduling, tracking, customs brokerage, etc. In the past decade, technological breakthroughs in the field of logistics have not only made the industry more efficient but also set higher expectations by the customers. Logistics service providers must evolve to keep up with the trends and adopt new technologies to derive more out of the value chain.

Companies now are also aware of the importance of technology such as freight forwarding software in making their business more shipper-centred and the high value it can deliver. The variables in the logistics mentioned earlier that were once daunting are now efficiently managed using freight forwarding solutions. Now that you are here, there are some key functions that you need to look out for while picking the freight forwarding software.

Integrated System

Freight forwarding ERP software solutions can smoothen out the major business operations. It can be customized as per the requirement of the industry to manage functions such as customer orders, inventory database, workshop operation, fleet management, external communications, real-time tracking, and analytics of performance. What the decision-makers in freight forwarding companies need to look for in the ocean of logistics software solutions is one that can offer end-to-end integration. The primary goal of opting for software is to have one platform with which the company’s operations can be streamlined and automated. The software must be able to manage all aspects involved in freight forwarding industries such as bookings, inquiries, shipments, container consolidation, transhipment, import and export, customs compliances, and other functions for the ocean, land, or air freight. 

Accounting and Financial Control

Your freight forwarding software needs to have strong invoice management and financial automation in general. The software must have a great digital filing cabinet so the members of the financial team can track unpaid invoices, have instant access to previous invoices and generate receipts. Every operation must be securely linked to the finances to avoid any leakage of revenue while offering complete visibility of the financial statistics. Ultimately it will ensure timely closure of invoices and constantly monitor the profitability of all shipments. 

Reporting and Document Management Tools

Documentation is an integral part of freight forwarding. The software must possess a smart document management system that can store, track, retrieve reports, entry and shipping bills, email documents, agreements, and contracts directly from the dashboard. This feature not only presents the best organization of documents but eliminates the dependency on manual work and paper. 

Safe Data Management System

Having all data stored in a centralized database ensures seamless access to it and smooth integration to all the departments across the globe. It also ensures there are no delay or data duplication weak points that can compromise the security of the data. 

Real-time Tracking and Alerts

Software with end-to-end integration offers the benefit of real-time information of all aspects of the supply chain involved in freight forwarding activities. To ensure timely and accurate decision-making, tracking can be coupled with alerts and notifications throughout the life cycle of the shipment. The alerts need to keep all the involved parties in the loop through status messages, event-based email notifications, and scheduled reports.

Scalable Modules

The ERP software should be able to support smaller-scaled operations and businesses that are developing by allowing the flexibility to pick modules as per the need and scale higher eventually. While being a fit for smaller operations, it should also offer appropriate workflows, analytics, and other management features needed for the growth of the business. 

Robust CRM

Customer Relationship Management is critical in every industry. Your ERP software with customer profiling with details such as quotes, services, follow-ups, sales calls, and grievances can make it much more efficient to track and manage customer service data.


The freight forwarding software must have intuitive features that do not require too long to master. Every employee who uses the system must be able to pick it up and use it without confusion and shorten their training time. 


In the freight forwarding industry, the need of the hour is ERP software that integrates every aspect of the business from the shipper to the buyer. Being the complex business it is, building efficiency into every process to maximize profits is only possible through digitization and automation of critical processes



Sumit Bajaj


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