What are the Benefits of Logistics and Freight Forwarding Software?

December 20, 2020 Freight ForwardingLogisticsSoftware

Technology has positively impacted every known business. Then, how can the business of logistics get left behind? Logistics as an enterprise is a complex undertaking and requires high levels of accuracy and efficiency to ensure your customers remain happy and satisfied.

With increased improvements in technology, customers have become more aware, assertive, and vocal about their demands and will not take anything lesser than the best. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative and prudent that logistics service providers adopt technology that brings in seamless efficiency coupled with precision, offering unmatched value to their customers.

Logistics and freight forwarding software are two technological components that are integral to the smooth running of operations in the logistics industry. This article sheds light on the significant benefits so that more companies in the logistics domain are compelled to adopt these technologies to improve their business and growth prospects.

Benefits of Logistics Software

  • Gain Greater Control & Efficiency: One of the foremost things you will notice after the implementation of logistics software is a greater level of control over your business operations compared to before. The software will enable your business to manage the delivery of goods both effectively and efficiently.
  •  Reduces Error Rates: After installation of the software, all the information pertaining to the transport of goods can be managed, tracked, and updated with higher levels of accuracy by all team members involved in the business operation. Moreover,  the software is even capable of tracking the movement of delivery vehicles.
  •  Enhances Freight Management: No longer will your operations team remain involved in the comparison of different quotations from transport companies.  The software will ideally replace the manual way of doing things. The software would provide the best rates on shipments based on an automated mechanism for price comparisons.
  •  Improves Profitability: Utilising the software is the best option for both upcoming and established logistics companies. The use of the software would reduce the need to hire many professionals in-house, thereby saving on costs associated with salaries, etc. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the software would improve productivity as anyone would be capable of using it.  

Benefits of Freight Forwarding Software

It has become a common occurrence for forwarders to use freight forwarding software for managing their production, inventory, and shipments instead of hiring third-party service providers. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Affordable: Installing freight forwarding software works out cheaper compared to hiring third-party service providers. The overall cost of the software is directly dependent on your business requirements. You would only be paying for services you consider necessary instead of buying the entire software suite.
  •  Puts You in Control: One of the main complaints of businesses using third-party service providers for cargo management is that they feel distanced from the entire shipping process and its management. Freight forwarding software gets you closer to the shipping process through real-time updates, allowing you to manage better your operations.
  •  Secure Shipping: With the software putting you in control of the shipping operation means you can closely monitor the entire process up close. This directly eliminates the need for you to remain at the mercy of third-party service providers who often select carriers based on their own interests, which has the potential chance of jeopardizing the customer’s interest.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Being a logistics manager comes with the responsibility of making a lot of decisions throughout the day. This software provides you with digestible and real-time analytics giving you clarity on various aspects of the business operation. It generates actionable insights for improving your processes and practices. This will allow you to carry out effective decision-making. 

One of the primary challenges of any business is to add value for their customers. Today, technology is allowing this value addition through automation and digitization with the efficient streamlining of business processes. Thus, businesses that take advantage of the available software are bound to reap the benefits quite early allowing them to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is logistics and freight forwarding software applicable to small businesses or only large enterprises?

Regardless of the business’ size, adoption of software in a logistics business is beneficial to a business both in the short and long term. The business becomes less dependent on direct human intervention, which results in cost reduction.

Q. Is the use of logistics and freight forwarding software easy for a non-technical person?

Answer: Most of the software in the market comes with an easy, intuitive interface that is extremely user-friendly. Certain softwares provide a guiding mechanism on how to proceed with particular tasks. Overall, the software is created with a non-technical person in mind. 

Q. Is implementing logistics and freight forwarding software an expensive proposition?

Answer: One of the best things about the implementation of logistics and freight forwarding software is that you can customize the software. Thus, you can purchase only those tools and features which apply to your business (size, scale, etc.) instead of buying the entire software suite. Based on the demand and growth, you can pay incrementally to enhance the features and scope of the software. 

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